Father and son create show to support Lumberjacks

“The Bailly Show” promotes the team’s players

KELSEY POWER PHOTO Chris Lowe and his son Bailly arrive at the Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre arena to get ready for the Lumberjacks hockey game the evening of February 20.

Chris Lowe and his son Bailly arrive at the Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre arena to get ready for the Lumberjacks hockey game the evening of February 20.

Chris and Bailly Lowe are a father-and-son team who have put together a YouTube production they call “The Bailly Show,” promoting the South Shore Lumberjacks Junior A ice hockey team this season.

“We started as fans and then we became billets, where we actually have two of the players live with us for the hockey season,” said Mr. Lowe.

“We started helping out the old owner back in October of this season to try to get some new sponsors and then, when the new owner took over we approached him to see if we could do more,” said Mr. Lowe.

The show, which plays on the name of “The Daily Show,” is one promotion they’ve put on.

Bailly interviews two of the players during a 15 minute-segment. He doesn’t ask typical questions as the main purpose of the show is to entertain. “Ketchup or mustard?” and “boxers or briefs?” are typical questions and competitions and contests are also included in the show’s content.

Mr. Lowe and one of the Lumberjacks’ fathers came up with idea.

“We thought it would be nice for the kids to put a face to the players instead of just seeing them on the ice with their helmets on,” said Mr. Lowe.

“They could actually tune in at home and see what they look like, and how they act, and get to know their personalities, because we’re trying to connect the public to the players and make them more popular.”

Bailly became invested in the team when his father took him to a game when he was younger.

“I couldn’t get off it; it became more of an addiction,” said Bailly.

The 11 year old has volunteered for the team as a puck boy for the past five years.

“I find it easy to interview the guys because I know them so well,” said Bailly.

“They’re great guys, and I just love doing the show with them.”

Apparently, the players also enjoy participating.

“Down in the dressing room they’re always anxious to see who the next Lumberjacks of the night are going to be,” said Mr. Lowe.

“They want to do it.”

The players who participate in the show now nominate who will take part next time.

This is the Lowe family’s third season billeting two of the team’s hockey players.

“The hockey season, the games to look forward to, the players staying with you, it makes the winter go by a lot faster,” he said.

The show first started in December.

“It tied into the team with everything going in a new direction with the goal of attracting new fans and to enhance the experience of the existing fans,” said Mr. Lowe.

CKBW and Country 100.7 sponsor the show and mention it on social media. “The Bailly Show” does the same for these stations by promoting them on the banner sign it films in front of.

“I have an uncle, Greg Lowe, who works with CKBW. I think that’s how my dad sweet talked them into the sponsorship a bit,” said Bailly.

Mr. Lowe writes the material and Bailly adapts it. They film the show on a digital camera.

“It’s nothing high-tech or anything like that. There’s no expenses,” said Mr. Lowe.

“I go home and upload the video after the games on Friday.”

They have averaged between 200 and 400 views per episode so far.

“I don’t know how many kids I go to school with say ‘nice job,’ and here at the game lots of people say ‘Great job on your interview,’ and I don’t even know them,” said Bailly.

“I find it great that they’re actually watching the show and enjoying it.”

When he’s away from the show, Mr. Lowe is a bookkeeper in Lower Cornwall, and his son is a Grade-6 student at Bayview Community School.

The two plan to continue their project next year.

“I’m getting excited to start it up again and see the guys again,” said Bailly.

“I know we’re going to lose a few next year, but we’re going to get some fresh material for the show off that.”

As originally published in LighthouseNOW Progress Bulletin

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