Baseball association requests Lahave Street field upgrades

Council receives request of at least $50,000

KELSEY POWER PHOTO Dennis Woodworth and Chris Zinck present their case to Bridgewater council the evening of March 9.

Dennis Woodworth and Chris Zinck present their case to Bridgewater council the evening of March 9.

The Bridgewater Baseball Association has been having a hard time keeping conditions at some of its facilities up to safety standards.

The Lahave Street hardball field has been particularly bruised.

“The work on Lahave street hasn’t been done, and it’s gotten to the point that there’s no roof there any longer,” said Dennis Woodworth, the president of the association, to the town’s council the evening of March 9. “Our equipment, our canteen, all of our contents within it were totally destroyed, and it’s very difficult to run a program when essentially you have nowhere to store anything.”

Mr. Woodworth, along with the vice-president of the association, Chris Zinck, asked for help restoring the building. Along with replacement of the roof, they would like a bathroom added, the lack of which they currently view as an embarrassment.

The town’s engineering department has calculated it would cost $40,000 to upgrade the building and $10,000 for electrical. Water would be an additional cost.

The request was referred to parks, recreation and culture for discussion at its next meeting, March 17.

“I’m not fully supportive of upgrading the existing building on the ball field with washrooms,” said Mayor David Walker. “I’m more interested in something that would serve the three complexes of soccer, baseball and softball, but we really need the cost of replacing or repairing the roof, need to look at that washroom and then the condition of field and what needs to be done there.”

The facility was erected along with the field in 1986. It’s an open concrete building at the moment.

Canteen proceeds usually go directly back to players.

“We try to be self-sufficient, to make sure we provide a healthy environment for our kids in the community, but at this point on Lahave Street we need some help. We need a roof on that building so we can provide a safe environment for what is needed to facilitate a baseball program,” said Mr. Woodworth.

Although he was presenting the issue to Bridgewater’s council, he didn’t think this was simply a town issue, and he pointed out that the municipality should help restore the community facilities in a joint effort.

“We bring people in from outside of Bridgewater all the time from all over the province or the Atlantic provinces. I want to be very proud of the facilities we provide,” he said.

The association currently has a membership of around 140 kids, mostly between the ages of four and 18. The Lahave Street field accommodates the bantam and midget divisions. In addition to hosting provincial championships and tournaments, this year the association will also see a team of Cubans play local kids as part of the Canada–Cuba Goodwill Tour on July 2.

“It’s a major concern of mine because we’re on stage,” he said.

 As originally published in LighthouseNOW Progress Bulletin

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