Aberdeen lights back on

Equipment for traffic lights has arrived, and they will be fully operational soon

The intersection at Aberdeen and North streets will soon be back to normal.

Equipment to fix the lights of one of the busiest intersections in Bridgewater has arrived and its stop lights are now blinking red.

“We’re just doing a little bit of flashing them just so we don’t flick the switch and have them running because they’ve been off so long,” said Justin Penny, the engineering technician for the town of Bridgewater. “It’s just a reminder that they’re going to be working soon.”

Work is being done on the lights at the moment, and they are supposed to be fully operational next week.

The lights have been off since early January, when a motor-vehicle accident caused $18,000 worth of equipment damage. The controller had been pushed up against the power pole, and wires had been torn off. Insurance covered the loss completely.

“It basically destroyed the whole computer components of the traffic lights, which we don’t have in our inventory. We had to order them,” said Mr. Penny who explained these parts become outdated quickly so spare parts are not kept in stock. “The supplier we buy them from actually makes them in house, so they had to assemble all the different components and ship them to us.”

The four-way stop has run fairly smoothly since the lights have been out of operation, but their absence has slowed traffic down, especially during rush hour. Some people have been avoiding the intersection entirely, taking alternate routes such as LaHave Street.

“It will be good. Things will hopefully be better than what they were before. It will move cars quicker up the hill during peak times with the lights operational again, and it’s safer,” said Mr. Penny. “There’s been debate on both sides whether they’re needed or not needed, but for safety reasons there’s so much going on in that intersection with eight lanes of traffic they’re definitely required to be there.”

The lights were originally installed in 1984.

As originally published in LighthouseNOW Progress Bulletin

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