Ford Ranger falls in ravine

Section of North King Street closed

A section of North King Street in Bridgewater was scheduled to re-open at 5 p.m. on April 22. The road was closed since early Sunday morning after a Ford Ranger with a 48-year-old man and his son in his mid-20’s fell into a brook that feeds into the LaHave River.

“The driver was driving south on King Street and whether it was distracted driving, or what it was, he just misjudged the corner and his wheels went up over the guardrail,” said Bridgewater Police Sgt. Dave Ramey who responded at 6:45, shortly after police got a call about the accident. Two other officers had already arrived on scene. “Because of the tapered guardrail, the vehicle fell over on top of the guardrail, until it came to a stop and when it came to a stop it tipped over and went down between the bridge and the walking bridge.”

Nobody was hurt, but the vehicle appears to be a write off after falling into the steep ravine. “There’s a lot of damage there,” said Mr. Ramey. No alcohol was involved in the incident.

The truck remained in the river until 11 a.m. as responders had to determine how to remove it. Eventually McCarthy’s Towing and Recovery Ltd. used a large boom truck to pull it out. The department of environment and the Bridgewater fire department also arrived on scene. The department of transportation was also contacted.

“That’s the first for me,” said Michael Nauss, Bridgewater fire chief, who’s been with with the department for 32 years. “We’ve had vehicles that went in the river before, but not that type, it’s an odd one.”

King Street was closed between Victoria Road and Starr Street to allow for inspection and repairs to the Old Mill Stream Bridge. The department of transportation hopes to have these repairs finished and the street open again by April 22. The nearby pedestrian bridge was not damaged and remained open.

The investigation is expected to take a week or two to complete.

As originally published in LighthouseNOW Progress Bulletin

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