Marina’s docks to be put in May 11

Board chair gives update on town’s investment

The Bridgewater Marina’s docks will go in the water on May 11.

Larry Rosborough, the chair of the board of the Bridgewater Marina Association, presented an update to town council on plans for this summer and its investment in the facility on April 27.

“People are linking the marina to potentially moving to Bridgewater,” said Mr. Rosborough, who added he was asked a lot of questions about the availability of housing and what the area is like when he went to promote the marina at the Halifax International Boat Show in February. “I was teasing Mayor Walker after the event, saying maybe the town should buy the booth for the marina to go there and help promote the town, but it was very interesting hearing people talking about thinking about moving to Bridgewater because now we have another facility to offer.”

Floats have been in the water for three years, and they now have power, water and lighting. Wi-Fi will also be available this year. An office, two full washrooms with showers and laundry facilities are now on site. Fourteen slips were available last year, and this will increase to 32 slips this year, 30 of which will be available to the public. Thirteen boats were stored here last year, another service the facility offers. It also has the only marine pump on the LaHave River. “Anyone with a boat can come up to the marina, and for a small cost we can do the marine pump out for that, which is very nice for the health of the river itself,” he said. The closest similar pump is in Mahone Bay.

Thirty-five transient boats visited the marina last year for a total of 65 days.

“[We] had many visitors last year that come in with power boats that are over 40 feet in length. These are not small vehicles; these are not people coming in here looking for a cheap place to stay,” said Mr. Rosborough. ”When they get here they’re spending money in the town.”

“We’re still looking for ways of getting the word out there, and right now word-of-mouth is probably our biggest benefit,” said Mr. Rosborough. The marina has been featured in Atlantic Boating magazine this year, but the association doesn’t have enough money to do a lot of external advertising. At the moment, most visitors are coming from Halifax or Saint John.

As originally published in LighthouseNOW Progress Bulletin

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