FRINGE REVIEW: Actor ferocious in dark, enjoyable one-woman show Get Around Me

Gillian English is ferociously funny as a one-woman powerhouse bent on taking down the patriarchy in her solo show Get Around Me.

Sadly, her story is not abnormal, but the method of presentation certainly is: the Shakespearean-trained actress has bravely turned her own unfortunate experience of sexual assault into a stage performance.

It’s evident she’s sharing this story for comic, retributive and preventative purposes.

The emotionally and otherwise wearing incident, which was connected to her personal strength-inducing journey into athleticism via Australian Rules Football in her late 20s, has been turned into a battle cry against any injustice done towards her own sex.

Her anger-fuelled confidence and feminist nature is inspiring.

The show takes place in The Living Room on Agricola Street. The small venue, and its given name are apt for the performance: English presents herself simply as herself — a real person who, at that moment, happens to be “acting” on stage — like a standup comedian with a serious statement. Her accompanying personal photographic slideshow completes this picture.

The show, though dark, has an ample helping of this native Nova Scotian’s lightly seasoned casual style humour on the side.

While not a typical play by any means, given its highly personal and purposeful nature, it was informative, uncomfortable and enjoyable all at the same time.

Come hear her story; respect the bold move she’s made by making this show.

As originally published in The Chronicle Herald

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