Thus far the extent of my work with video has mainly been through the television workshop I took at the University of King’s College where we produced a weekly television newsmagazine for six weeks. It was called the ‘fax and was shown on Eastlink TV.

Throughout its duration I covered:

A craft breweries event put on by Local Connections:

Two King’s students starting a festival to help artists in the initial stages of their careers:

Young hockey players being scouted in Halifax.

A parody clothing company’s creation.

I had the chance to act as show host, which I do in the following full episode. I happen to have two pieces in the show as a reporter. The first is a story about how bike lanes in Halifax weren’t receiving the same level of snow service as the rest of the road. It starts at 10:42. The second is a story about a man making money shovelling snow with the aid of the internet and it starts at 17:50.

I had the opportunity to be a producer for the following full episode, which also has my report on a new month long charity: Manuary, starting at 16:54.