If given the option, I wake up and read, or watch the news, while drinking copious amounts of tea.

If time allows, reading and writing content – as well as drinking tea – continues throughout the day. I enjoy being engaged in the world around me: the larger one, Earth overall, as well as the one outside my home in Halifax, Nova Scotia – and sometimes, on the South Shore in Chester.

I am a writer, and a researcher, seeking employment in, or in a field related to, the journalism industry. I graduated from the University of King’s College with a Bachelor of Journalism (Honours). I am currently freelancing as I search for the right opportunity.

I am also contemplating options. As a continuous learner, I am not entirely sure my association with formal education has ended. No matter what I end up doing, I want to be a person of positive action or change in the world, and I would like to utilize my skill set, which includes: writing, researching, editing, analyzing, interviewing, and performing web development, videography and photography. Eventually, I want to be where I can personally make the most impact.

I hold relationships in the highest regard. Aside from communicating through the written word and conversation, I speak through music, dance, art, and common or shared experiences. I love people and their stories. I have an excellent ability to listen. I am innately curious. Though not an activist, I care.

I am also old fashioned in most ways; if you were to look me up on the Internet, you would probably note I do not participate much on social media, even though I am there. I admit I am shy when it comes to sharing my personal life and opinions. But I am trying to change my tune – to take up tweeting and to become outwardly engaged online instead of only inwardly amassing information.

I am in the midst of finding my voice. Feel free to follow my work as I find my way.


Kelsey Power


Exploring Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia. (photo: Caroline Mercer)

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